Meet Laura: She’s a native Texan who’s lived in Nevada, Oregon, New Orleans and Nashville.  Her recent move to Dallas brought her closer to her roots and has afforded her the opportunity to put aside her career in the non-profit world and pursue a long held dream of creating art full-time.  

Art must be in her blood. Her great-grandmother painted flowers and landscapes, her mother painted and drew house plans, and as a child Laura loved art more than any other subject in school! Seeing that passion early on her parents started her in oil painting lessons.  Since then she has taken a workshop here and there, but is mostly self-taught.  She’s used tole painting, extensive stenciling, oils and acrylics & watercolor as means to create still life studies, landscapes, high-end faux finishes, custom furniture and murals.  Currently she's finding ways to create and express in oils, acrylics, and watercolor.  Laura creates in her home studio in North Dallas, enjoys plein air trips to various locations and, belongs to local art associations.

 Laura feels fortunate to love her work!  She can often be found with a paint brush or camera in hand while on “vacation”...she just loves to capture the beauty in everyday life!   She feels “Every detail, every layer of color, every scene can bring back memories of special moments in our lives.  We live on an amazing planet.  It’s one of God’s ways of reminding me how much He loves us.”

Her hope is that the viewer will pause to connect and enjoy the beauty of a single flower or bird, the majesty of the Rockies or gorges of The Grand Canyon as she depicts in layers of color, line and visual texture the places that have captured her heart.

Thank you for stopping by.  We hope you'll find something you connect to & want to display in your space. Stay in touch....we think visitors are AWESOME!

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Current Guest Artists:



Marisa Norris:  Her work is inspired by nature and the beauty in every human spirit.  She loves people and creating art has been a part of her life since childhood.  Her pieces are layered with meaning and visual intrigue.  I hope we have more of her work for you to enjoy!


Rachelle Watson:  Details make all the difference to Rachelle.  She's most fond of photography in her art endeavors.  Watch for more of her work here.


Lynne Medsker:

A kindred spirit and friend.  As long as I can remember I've been driven by my imagination and an inquisitive mind.  To me this world is a giant puzzle, full of possibilities.  It inspires me to explore, through my art, all the amazing ways that the pieces can connect.  Choosing what materials to use, what textures and colors will express the story I want to tell, and how best to fit them all together has become my passion in life.  

Since childhood numbers, geometry, and the intricate patterns of words and language, have held a spell on me that continues to this day. Spending much of my youth outdoors also developed a deep love and appreciation of nature. Those influences, coupled with my desire to explore, are what motivate me to express myself artistically.

The resulting creations are in private and corporate collections in the US and abroad. I've shared my art in numerous local shows and it has been included in exhibits in over a dozen states across the US, including ones in Cincinnati, Chicago, Washington DC, Phoenix and New York. 



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